In English

Quality of living first – we should strive to a freedom of choice

I’m a green political activist in Tampere region.

My main objectives for political activity are

Public buildings must be renovated to be healthy

More resources to the schools

Living in residential small houses should be liberated from stigma

New energy to transportation sector

In short

  • 39 yrs old, father of three primary school kids
  • working on renewable energy industry, part-time entrepreneur
  • living in countryside of Tampere, Teisko, on small residential house
  • hobbies: badminton, volley ball, outdoor activities
  • experience of local politics from three different municipalities
  • salesman in nature, selling ideas and stuff for a better future
  • fluent in English, mediocre in Swedish and basics in Spanish & Russian

Feel free to contact me:  hannesATtuohiniittyDOTfi / 050 4095779